Hi, I'm Natalee.
I am a digital creator, traditional illustrator, and designer from New York. My undergraduate studies resulted in a B.S. in Information Technology from Rensselaer in 2020. My main professional focus is improving a person's experience with empathy and intrinsic design as the core values. As a designer, I aim to increase accessibility and inclusivity of technology while keeping the flow feeling smooth.
My personal aspirations include inspiring others to discover their own creative flow – from thought to finish. I hope to help people look into the ordinary in a newfound wonder that was before overlooked. In my free time, you can find me listening to a podcast while building yet another house in the Sims, reviewing a new sketchbook in one of my TikTok videos, or curating a new music playlist for the season.
From graphic designer to project manager, creativity stays a main focus in my life. I am currently working on designing a new cloud testing experience for Microsoft 365.
Design process
My ideal design process is the starting point for each complex problem space I enter. Some projects and users require adjustments to be made to the process, so I stay flexible while letting these high-level phases guide me:

• Phase 1 - Understanding
• Phase 2 - Planning
• Phase 3 - Design
• Phase 4 - Testing & learning
• Phase 5 - Iterate
Natalee's design process. Phase one is understanding the user. Phase two is planning deliverables and requirements. Phase 3 is designing and bringing the ideas to life with prototypes. Phase 4 is testing and learning from the user feedback. Phase 5 is iteration.

My typical design process looks something like this! Click to zoom.

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