I practiced creating iOS mobile mockups for hypothetical features in Spotify.
Feature 1: Showcase
Similar to adding a pinned tweet or a cover photo, this feature would allow the Spotify user to "showcase" their favorite song, podcast, or playlist they spent hours curating.

1. Feature introduction
2. Another user's view of their profile
3. User profile view
Feature 2: Friend Feed
On the Spotify desktop experience, you can see what your friends are listening to. This does not translate to the mobile experience in any way- there is a lack of any social aspect.

The Friend Feed feature would give a spotlight to the top tunes your friends are listening to. Additionally, a messaging feature is added. Music is meant to be a social experience! And sharing your favorite true crime podcast episode should be just as easy as saving a song to a playlist.

1. Friend Feed activity
2. Messages
Behind the scenes
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